PFL-LJC Series Straingauge for Concrete Material Including Integrated Leadwire

Single element straingauge for concrete material leadwire included (10, 20, 30mm gauge length)

About the PFL-LJC Series Straingauge for Concrete Material

PF series polyester wire strain gauge
These are foil strain gauges utilizing a polyester resin backing which is the same as the P series. The gauge length is available in 3 ranges of 10, 20 and 30mm, so it is suited mainly to strain measurement on concrete or mortar. The backing is transparent and the installation is easy.

Features PFL-LJC

  • Type: Single element including paralelled leadwire, for steel, concrete and mortar use
  • Gauge resistance: 120Ω
  • Gauge length: 10, 20, 30mm

Strain gauges with integral paralleled vinyl leadwire are available

  • Paralelled 1m
  • Paralelled 3m
  • Paralelled 5m
  • 3-wire 3m
  • 3-wire 5m


Main object material
Metal, concrete, mortar
Operational temperature(°C)
Temperature compensation range(°C)
Bonding adhesive
CN-E, RP-2, PS
Strain limit
2% (20000×10⁻⁶ strain)
Fatigue life at room temperature
1×10⁶ (±1500×10⁻⁶ strain)
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