BTMC Series for Strain in Bolt Measurement

Measures tensile strain of bolt, installed with fast-curing CN adhesive at room temperature

About the BTMC Series for Strain in Bolt Measurement

BTM/BTMC series bolt strain gauge
These gauges are used for measurement of tensile strain of bolt. They are simply inserted into pre-drilled hole in the bolt with exclusive adhesives. This method is recommendable when an ordinary strain gauges can not be mounted on the bolt surface. Accurate tensile force measurement is possible by calibrating the bolt after installing the bolt gauges.

The BTMC gauges have a tube shape sensing element, and they are installed with fast-curing CN adhesive. The installation is easily made at room temperature.

Features BTMC Series

  • Gauge resistance: 120Ω
  • Gauge length: 0.5, 1, 3mm
  • Hole drilled: 1.0, 1.6, 2mm


Applicable specimen
Bolt M10 or larger
Operational temperature(°C)
Temperature compensation range(°C)
Bonding adhesive
Special plastics
Strain limit
0.5% (5000×10⁻⁶ strain)
Fatigue life at room temperature
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