BFCA Series for Composite Material Use

Dual element 0°/90° plane type for composite material measurement

About the BFCA Series for Composite Material Use

BF series composite strain gauge
These are foil strain gauges designed for measurement on composite materials. They have a specially designed grid pattern to enable small stiffening effect and excellent peformance in strain measurement up to 200°C. This series is available with self-temperature-compensation for a material having coefficient of thermal expansion of 3,5 or 8×10-6/°C. This series is recommended for use on ceramic, carbon and composite materials.

Features BFCA Series

  • Type: Dual element, composite material use
  • Gauge resistance: 120Ω
  • Gauge length: 2, 5mm


Main object material
Composite materials
Operational temperature(°C)
Temperature compensation range(°C)
Bonding adhesive
CN, NP-50B
Strain limit
3% (30000×10⁻⁶ strain)
Fatigue life at room temperature
1×10⁶ (±1500×10⁻⁶ strain)
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