T-FCM Series for Strain Gauge Type Transducers

Dual element 0°/90° half bridge configuration with epoxy resin for strain/stress and strain gauge type transducers

Features T-FCM Series

  • Type: F-series dual element half bridge configuration, for strain/stress and strain gauge type transducers
  • Gauge resistance: 120, 350Ω
  • Gauge length: 2.8mm
  • Operating temperature: -20~+150°C
  • Backing: Special plastic resin

Temperature compensation materials

  • 11: Mild steel
  • 17: Stainless steel
  • 23: Aluminium

Transducer-specific strain gauges

These gauges are used not only for the purpose of knowing strain/stress but also as sensors for strain gauge type transducers. A strain gauge type transducer converts physical quantity such as load, pressure or displacement into mechanical strain on the strain generating body (elastic body), and the mechanical strain is converted into electrical output using strain gauges mounted on the elastic body. We offer various types of transducer-specific strain gauges featuring highly reliable and stable performance.

Gauge backing materials

Unlike stress measurement gauges, the gauge backing materials for transducer-specific strain gauge cannot be determined based solely on the operating temperature and bonding method. To ensure maximum transducer performance, it is necessary to test various combinations using different stress-generating bodies (elastic bodies) to select the most suitable backing mateirals.

Creep adjustment

The creep characteristic is particularly important in force transducers. The most common compensation system uses the material creep (+) of the stress-generating body (elastic body) and the gauge creep (‒) to cancel each other. Various strain gauges are available.

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