AWHU-5 Full Bridge for Static or Dynamic Measurement

Static and dynamic measurement up to 800°C

About the AWHU-5 Full Bridge for Static or Dynamic Measurement

These gauges are usable up to 800°C for both static and dynamic measurement. Although it has a half bridge construction consisting of active and dummy gauges, the measurement is made by the full bridge method using the supplied temperature compensation circuit board. The gauge base, junction part and cable of this gauge are constructed small as the standard specifications, and it is suited to the installation on a narrow or curved part.

AW series high temperature weldable strain gauge
These strain gauges have strain sensing elements fully encapsulated in corrosion-resisting metal tubes made of stainless steel or Inconel (except AW-6-350). The strain gauge backings are also made of the same material, and the gauges are installed by spot welding to metal specimens using a dedicated spot welder. The maximum operating temperatue is 800°C for the AWHU. These gauges are suited to measurement in high temperature harsh environments such as underwater or gas-filled atmosphere, or for long term. The AWC-2B and AWCH-2 are available in 1-Gauge 4-Wire configuration.

Features AWHU-5

  • Type: Full bridge, static and dynamic strain measurement
  • Gauge resistance: 60Ω
  • Gauge length: 5mm


Main object material
Operational temperature(°C)
Temperature compensation range(°C)
Bonding adhesive
Spot welding (TML spot welder W-50R is required)
Special alloy
Strain limit
1% (10000×10⁻⁶ strain)
Fatigue life at room temperature
1×10⁶ (±1000×10⁻⁶ strain)
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