AWCH-2 1-gauge 4-wire System

Hermetically sealed construction with a small size gauge base

About the AWCH-2 1-gauge 4-wire System

This strain gauge features hermetically sealed construction with small sized gauge base. It applies to the measurement in 1-gauge 4-wire method, and the operational temperature is up to 200°C.

AW series high temperature weldable strain gauge
These strain gauges have strain sensing elements fully encapsulated in corrosion-resisting metal tubes made of stainless steel or Inconel (except AW-6-350). The strain gauge backings are also made of the same material, and the gauges are installed by spot welding to metal specimens using a dedicated spot welder. The maximum operating temperatue is 800°C for the AWHU. These gauges are suited to measurement in high temperature harsh environments such as underwater or gas-filled atmosphere, or for long term. The AWC-2B and AWCH-2 are available in 1-Gauge 4-Wire configuration.

Features AWCH-2

  • Type: 1-Gauge 4-wire system
  • Gauge resistance: 120Ω
  • Gauge length: 2mm


Main object material
Operational temperature(°C)
Temperature compensation range(°C)
Bonding adhesive
Spot welding (TML spot welder W-50R is required)
Mild steel
Strain limit
0.5% (5000×10⁻⁶ strain)
Fatigue life at room temperature
1×10⁶ (±1000×10⁻⁶ strain)
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