700 Series | 711-2 and 716-2 Floor & Wall Mount Tiltmeters

Floor-mount & Wall-mount Tiltmeter

About the 700 Series | 711-2 and 716-2 Floor & Wall Mount Tiltmeters Inclination Sensor

Model 711-2 and 716-2 Floor Mount and Wall Mount Tiltmeters bolt or clamp to any surface and are well suited for areas of heavy traffic or vibration. They are identical to our popular Model 701-2 Platform Tiltmeter, but have 0.5-inch (12.7 mm) diameter holes in their three corners instead of adjustable legs. The holes fit over threaded stainless steel studs, provided with each order. Both models have two switchable gains, two low-pass filter settings, and include a temperature sensor. They will drive cables longer than 1000 meters.

These precision tiltmeters are widely used for structural monitoring, load testing, and precision alignment of antennae and machinery.


Low-Gain Setting
High-Gain ±0.46°, Mid-Range ±8°
High-Gain Setting
High-Gain ±0.046°, Mid-Range ±0.8°
High-Gain 0.1 µradian, Mid-Range 1 µradian
±8 VDC (single-ended), ±16 VDC (differential)
Power Requirement
±11 to ±15 VDC @ 11 and 6mA
Temperature Range
High-Gain -8 to +70°C, Mid-Range -25 to +70°C
150 x 150 x 100 mm
Anodized & painted aluminum
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