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Vibration measurement system for mobile energy generators

Earthquake detection system prevents explosions

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Hydrogen generators can become explosive if they are located in earthquake prone areas. A special earthquake system with vibration sensor ensures safety.

Our customer builds mobile energy generators that generate electricity using hydrogen. These generators are built in (sea) containers and can be used worldwide where energy is needed. Earthquakes pose a threat to these hydrogen generators; they can become explosive. To ensure safety, our customer was looking for a sensor system that could detect earthquakes and shut down the generator in time.

The challenge for us was to develop a measuring system that is able to distinguish between vibrations from an earthquake and vibrations from, for example, passing (heavy) trucks. The generator must be manually restarted after shutdown, so the system should only shut down the generator in the event of an actual earthquake.

Earthquake measuring system with adjustable parameters

We have developed a special vibration measuring system which is able to determine whether there is an earthquake, using adjustable parameters such as amplitude, acceleration and direction of the vibration, peak detection and time lapse.

By setting various parameters, it is prevented that other types of vibration - such as heavy transport - are also registered as an earthquake. The output circuit consists of various relay contacts that switch the generator (off).

Advantages of the vibration measuring system

  • The earthquake sensor is fully adapted to the customer's application.
  • By means of different adjustable time and amplitude parameters, the earthquake sensor can be accurately adjusted and incorrect registrations are prevented.
  • Earthquakes on a low Richter scale are also measured.
  • When registering an earthquake, the system switches off the generator.
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