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We make companies smarter by providing them high-quality sensor solutions. The obtained accurate data enables our customers to automate, save costs, solve problems or develop new technologies. We provide standard and customized sensors, measurement systems and instrumentation for Test & Measurement, OEM and IIoT applications for all types of industries and provide additional services such as calibration, prototyping, training, consulting and rental.

We develop and apply advanced sensor technologies and are constantly looking for new measuring principles to make the impossible possible. By continuously innovating and learning, we stay ahead of the competition.

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Custom Load Cell Solutions

You are designing a new product or machine, and somewhere a force or weight must be measured. The standard product range of force sensors and load cells don't offer a suitable solution. What now?

Then you probably are looking for a customized load cell that exactly fits your machine or application. By strategically looking at mechanical components in your application, we can change passive components into active sensors.

We offer custom load cells for OEM or Test & Measurement applications in which force, reaction torque, or weight must be measured based on strain gauge technology. 

Tailor-made Load Cell Solutions

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Custom Sensor Solutions

About Althen Sensors & Controls

Innovative, high-precision measurement systems and sensor solutions are our passion. Since 1978, Althen stands for advanced, customer-specific solutions in metrology and sensors. We offer a wide range of standard products but have the ability to fully customize a sensor or measurement system to meet your specific needs. Known for our flexibility, experience and quality in creating innovative measurement solutions, we are ready for your future measurement challenges.

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