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Industrial Internet of Things Sensors Solutions

Althen, your partner for simple and complex IIoT

Whether you are looking for a rather simple IoT solution in which ground water monitoring has to be accessed from a web-browser or that you are looking to sense lots of high-density data from high frequency measurements, we are your partner to develop an Industrial Internet of Things Solutions.

In 2015 has Althen established a new division next to OEM Sensors and T&M Sensors; called IIoT Sensor Solutions. IIoT is the complete complex measurement solution combining the strong background in precision sensor hardware and electronics with:

  • Wireless data transmitting
  • Data storage
  • Data analysis
  • Smart dashboards with relevant info (webbased)
  • Potentially integrated with customers processes

Althen is able to deliver a turn-key measurement solution which not only contains the hardware but also more important the data and information that are being collected by the measurement system. By bringing this into understandable and insightfull dashboards we offer customers the requested information they need to make decisions in their operations.

Main markets for IIoT

Currently the main focus markets where we bring our IIoT solutions are:

  • Railway industry
  • Civil engineering market
  • Renewable energy market
  • Machine monitoring applications 
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