Mesure d'inclinaison & Systèmes de Commutation

Switching systems and tilt measuring systems with build-in sensors with precise and low-noise standard analogue outputs for industrial applications (also ATEX).

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Tilt Angle Measurement

Tilt Angle Measurement is required in a wide variety of industrial sectors, but also in the monitoring of structures and in the special vehicle sector. There are many customers who need to precisely level equipment or monitor a work platform or equipment - typical applications for tilt measurement. The applications are very different.

Therefore, we cannot say from the outset which sensor is appropriate, but must look at each application closely: What are the requirements and goals of the customer in terms of accuracy, resolution and environmental conditions? Which interfaces are necessary for any further signal evaluation required? Only then we can decide which measuring principle and which sensor can deliver the desired results.

Althen offers different Inclination Angle Sensors. In capacitive-type sensors (e.g., the AccuStar type), a dielectric fluid is sandwiched between two special-geometry capacitor plates. An inclination causes a capacitance change that is measured and evaluated. The user has a proportional and linear output signal available. 


Tilt Angle Measuring Devices with MEMS sensors

In addition, we offer various tilt angle measuring devices with MEMS sensors. MEMS sensors are on everyone's lips these days. It should be noted, however, that MEMS is only the generic term for any components manufactured in microsystem technology and therefore does not clearly describe the sensor principle in the case of our inclination sensors. For industrial tilt angle detection and monitoring, these are sufficient in many cases and enable interesting new developments. A typical example is a complete solution developed and manufactured by Althen for monitoring the inclination of a platform. If a certain switching point is exceeded, potential-free limit value relays are switched.

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