Systèmes de Pesage des Trains et Tramways

Train & Tram Weighing Systems are developed to accurately weigh and determine the balance of each and every individual axle.

How to Measure the Wheel Load & Balance of a Tram?

Dutch Tram Specialist HTM uses our Wireless Load Management System to weigh and balance their trams. The Maintenance Engineers use the system to gather data about the load of each bogie and at the same time create an easy visual overview of the balance for each axle. 

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How to weigh a moving train?

Our Weighing in Motion System is a dynamic weighing scale for Trains, Metros, LightRail and Trams and can be used for Weighing in Motion, Wheel Flat Detection, Train Detection and much more! The Weighing in Motion System (AWIM) is very accurate and remains accurate at high speeds! Read more

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