Systèmes de Mise à la Terre d'arbre d'hélice

Essential for seagoing ships.

A turning propeller-shaft on a ship becomes electrically insulated from the hull by the lubricating oil film in the metal bearings or through the use of non-metallic bearings materials. It is absolutely neccesary to ground the ship's propeller shaft to the hull.

The heavy electrical current flowing flowing through the bearings and gearbox to the hull will be minimized by our Propeller Shaft Earthing Systems.

The Propeller Shaft Earthing System will prevent early maintenance costs of the ships propellor and shaft bearings. The system has a long lifetime because of the high compositions of silver in the brushes.

How it works

The earthing-device consists of a copper slipring (75 mm in width) with in the centre a silver-track inlay on which run 2 off silver/graphite brushes (80% Ag) fitted in a balanced brushholder with brush-pressure setting.

The wide slipring  in combination with the 2 off almost pure silver brushes electrically in parallel, assures the
necessary very low ohmic resistance as required for forcing most of the currents to run through the shaftearthing-device i.s.o. bearings and gear-box.

Optionally a shaft-potential monitoring-device can be used for permanently checking the proper operation of the earthing assembly.

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