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Industrial Internet of Things Sensors Solutions

Simple and complex integrated IIoT solutions and measurement systems

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Industrial IoT Sensor Solutions

In 2015 we have established a division next to OEM Sensors and T&M Sensors; called IIoT Sensor Solutions. IIoT is the complete complex measurement solution were we combine our strong background in precision sensor hardware and electronics with:

  • Wireless data transmitting
  • Data storage
  • Data analysis
  • Smart dashboards with relevant info (webbased)

We love solving challenges

Althen develops, produces and implements custom hardware solutions to solve problems. By implementing these devices and coupling them with our secure back-end and easy-to-use dashboard, we help our customer to get started. This helps us to solve our customers problems, whether it‘s their goal to reduce costs, improve quality, increase safety or control their operations.

Potentially integrated with customers processes

We are able to deliver a turn-key measurement solution which not only contains the hardware but also more important the data and information that are being collected by the measurement system. By bringing this into understandable and insightfull dashboards we offer customers the requested information they need to make decisions in their operations.

IIoT Wireless Condition Monitoring 

The wireless industrial IoT monitoring system consists of a network of sensor nodes, which can send their data via an IoT gateway data to any computer network or cloud platform. We offer two different nodes: the industrial sensor nodes measure and monitor tri-axial vibration and surface temperature of (rotating) equipment, such as pumps, motors, agitators and mixers. The ambient nodes monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, ambient light, noise level and air pressure. 

The battery-powered nodes are stick-and-play: They can be easily and cost-effectively mounted on existing equipment, but can also be part of large-scale mesh networks for collecting sensor data in smart buildings, cities and factories.

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SmartBrick is a new IoT sensor designed for accurate and affordable monitoring of civil infrastructure. SmartBrick detects and monitors inclination and other physical parameters with high accuracy. It transmits this data wirelessly to an online platform. The combination of accurate daily measurements, integrated AI and ultra-low power consumption makes SmartBrick a unique scalable measurement system. Creating a fully wireless, easy-to-implement, battery-driven and low-cost measurement solution.

SmartBrick permanently monitors changes, damage and imminent danger of collapse. It is possible to make solid predictions about the state and condition of civil infrastructure. Predict and manage your maintenance activities, no more surprises!


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For the healthcare sector we created and integrated the SmartBed IoT sensor and measurement solution in which the presence, position or absence of patients in bed is monitored. Because our population gets older and older and thus requires more and more care, qualified nursing staff for hospitals and care homes is scarce and are under on ever-increasing pressure. Often, the financial situation of hospitals and retirement homes is also very tight.During the night, there is often lack of qualified staff. Usually only a few people have to take care of entire wards and many beds. 

SmartBed also prevents bedsores (decubitus), which is a serious problem in the healthcare sector. The scalable SmartBed sensor and measurement solution reduces the workload of the nursing staff and improves patient care. With the innovative SmartBed an extra pair of eyes is continously  watching. 

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Dashboard and analysis

Our user-friendly data analytic and machine learning solutions assist in keeping you on top of things and your business running smoothly

Rich data visualization 

  • A great choice of widgets for different visualizations
  • Clear (and fast) overviews for subjects and events
  • Powerful filter and aggregation options

Powerful analytics

  • Easy-to-use data explorer to uncover new patterns
  • Drill-down on events to more granular levels
  • Give everyone in the company a tool to explore and analyze the data

Some of our IoT Sensor Solutions

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