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Art is now more than a painting on the wall of museums or a beautiful static sculpture on a square. Sensors have also invaded the art world and provide an innovative view on art. Dolls that respond to the audience by means of sensors, movements that can be followed live on a screen. Or walk through a rain chamber where the rain falls around you, but where you remain dry. Our sensors are used in various works of art and are also available in IP68 for use in humid, dusty or explosive environments.


The performance of the athletes today has almost as much to do with science as it does with the actual training. In the sport branch sensors are often used to track the performance and to monitor a certain training or race. Based on that feedback schedules can be adjusted and changes can be made.

Our measurement systems are used as well to monitor forces on certain materials, monitoring wear and tolerances. But also to monitor specific requirements of equipment used during sports & plays.


Offering a relaxed and fun day out: that is the purpose of a recreation park and that is also the image that visitors have. Behind the scenes, the safety aspect is very important. Our measurement solutions are used to measure wear and to monitor whether the attractions meet the safety requirements. Roller coasters are monitored by using acceleration sensors and a measuring system for data logging. In addition, there are various potentiometer used in moving fairy tale dolls and other moving elements.

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