GLET-10xB530AH(T)-Bi12-Bi5 Connection Box

Connection box with connecting cables and power supply unit for connection of up to 10 pcs. temperature / humidity probes type B530A-H (T) for GRAPHTEC data logger

About the GLET-10xB530AH(T)-Bi12-Bi5

The connection box GLET-10xB530AH (T) -Bi12-Bi5 enables the connection of up to 10 temperature / humidity sensors of type B530A-H (T) for a GRAPHTEC data logger. The connecting cables to the data logger included in the scope of supply considerably simplify the wiring effort and simultaneously improve electromagnetic compatibility. The connected sensors are supplied with an internally regulated voltage via the enclosed power supply unit. The system is installed in an aluminum table top housing (IP20).

Customized requirements

Technical modifications according to customer requirements are available on request. Moreover, we deliver customized special solutions for a lot of measuring tasks in the section pressure, force, position and tilt measuring using our measuring transducers. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Supply Voltage
24 VDC
Sensor Supply
18 VDC
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