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GLET-SU Module

Active modular enclosure with voltage output

GLET-SU Module | Althen Sensors

About the GLET-SU Module

Active modular enclosure for active transducer/sensor with voltage output


Fig.: Model GLET-SU2K-BNC/B514-BI5, 2 Channels, BNC

Active modular enclosure for wiring of one or two active transducers / sensors with voltage output in 3-wire technology in connection with a datalogger.

1-Channel Models:

2-Channel Models:

Accessories for Models with BNC

BNC safety connection cable with 2 straight BNC connectors

  • material: PVC
  • rating: 1000 V, CAT II (600 V CAT III)
  • cable length: 0.5 m
  • color: black


Transducer excitation
18 VDC (max. 50 mA)
Input signal
0 ... 5/10 V 3-wire
Connector for transducer
5-pin connector (Binder, supplied with mating connector)
Analog output signal
0 ... 5/10 V
Electrical connection analog output to datalogger
GLET-SU(2K)-BA2/B514-BI5: 2 mm jack, GLET-SU(2K)-BNC/B514-BI5: BNC
Supply voltage
24 VDC ±5 % *
Dimension without connections (WxHxD)
approx. 45 x 115 x 90 mm
Environmental sealing
Operating temperature range
0 ... +50 °C
* For voltage supply the datalogger’s AC-adapter can be used. The unit provides a jack for AC-adapter connection, as well as a datalogger supply cable (comparable to B-514). For use with multiple GLET units an additional AC-adapter is required.
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