GL980 High-speed Data Logger

Midi data logger with high speed 1 MS/s simultaneous sampling

About the GL980 High-speed Data Logger

The optically identical GL980 is designed to meet other R & D specifications. As an eight-channel device it enables the recording of voltages up to a maximum of ± 500 V as well as true RMS up to 250 V.
The sampling rates are similar to one microsecond. The GL980 also offers 4GB RAM and the ability to record with four channels of pulse and logic. Temperature and by means of external accessories also moisture, however, can be recorded with eight channels.

Key features GL980

  • High speed 1 MS/s simultaneous sampling
  • Isolated 8 channels voltage/temperature input
  • Large-capacity built-in 4MW/ch RAM memory (Ref.GL900: 1MW/ch)
  • Two external options for data recording - USB memory and SD Memory Card




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