GRAPHTEC GL7000 Voltage Kit, incl. SSD-Memory Module

Complete measurement kit combining GL7000 with voltage module, inc SSD-Memory Module

About GRAPHTEC GL7000 Voltage Kit, incl. SSD-Memory Module

The data logger GL7000 platform is the basis for an individual data acquisition system at any time expandable modules for different requirements.
With up to 10 modules for different applications, the device can be used individually.
Through the use of different modules such. As for voltage, temperature, high speed applications, logic and pulse counter with sampling rates of up to 1 MSa / s of the GL7000 is flexible in its application. The storage of measurement data is on internal RAM, internal flash memory, an SD card or on the optional SSD module with 128GB storage capacity.
The communication from the PC via USB or Ethernet, the included softwaremakes it possible to represent the data and all measurements simultaneously in different windows.

Scope of delivery

  • Central unit GL7000-EU
  • Screen unit GL7-Disp
  • Input module for high speed voltage GL7-HSV
  • Memory module GL7-SSD

All sets contain additionally

  • Trunk TK-midi-4
  • 4-mal KA-BNC-iso-2m
  • Memory card SD 32GB
  • Card reader SD-Adap-USB3.0
  • Screwdriver and certificate
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