200C Fujifilm Thermoscale

Measurement range: 150°C to 210°C

Features 200C Fujifilm Thermoscale

  • High temperature
  • Measurement range: 150°C to 210°C
  • Type: Roll type
  • Product size W(mm) x L(m): 270 × 5

ACF compression bonding in LCD panels

In LCD panel production, ACF (anisotropic conductive film) is used to attach the driver IC by holding the part under pressure and applying heat via the bonding tool. If heat is unevenly distributed across the bonding surface (i.e., hotter in some places and cooler in others), the ACF may not bond properly.
Thermoscale provides an easy-to-read visual map for evaluating the uniformity of heat distribution.

Heat-sealed packages

Heat sealers are commonly used to seal packages for foodstuffs, medical supplies and products such as Li-ion batteries. A heater block applies strong heat to the end of the package to seal the plastic. If heat is distributed unevenly across the heat seal surface or the heater block, or if the packaging is not heated sufficiently, the seal may not be formed properly.
Thermoscale can be used to evaluate the quantity of heat applied to the package.

EVA bonding of solar panels

In solar panel production, the solar cells are sandwiched between the glass substrate and a protective film layer and bonded together with EVA resin in a vacuum laminator. If the heat distribution is not uniform, the EVA resin may be harder in some places and softer in others, affecting bonding performance. In some cases, the bond may hold initially but then degrade over time. Until now there has been no means of measuring heat distribution across the bonding surface.
Thermoscale provides a simple way to check for thermal inconsistencies and prevents failure.

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