FDRF100 Automated System for Motor Shaft Measurement

This system is designed for motor shafts measurement and control

About the FDRF100 Automated System for Motor Shaft Measurement

The FDRF100 is an automatic optical measurement system.

Measurement starts by placing the piece between the two centers. The operator can specify all measurements and tolerances as needed. Any piece of the item can be measured.

More detailed scanning is possible. The optical micrometer can separately scans all set parts of the detail.

When scanning is completed the measurement results are reflected in the program for future statistic analysis.

All measurements are mapped in the program:

  • Diameter
  • Angle and taper
  • Length
  • Threads and screw pitch
  • Run-out
  • Depth of the hole
  • Roundness


Measurable diameters
From 0,1 to 25mm
Carriage movement range
Scanning speed
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