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About the Aeroprobe Services

Probe Calibration

A significant advantage Aeroprobe probes have over competitors' is the quality and range of Aeroprobe's calibrations. These are performed by automated traversing systems which allow to take 2000-6000 points of data per speed, making a far more detailed calibration map than any hand calibration could offer.

Aeroprobe offers standard calibrations at speeds from as low as 5 m/s up to Mach numbers as high as 3.1, as well as specialized calibrations in the supersonic range. Multiple calibrations can be performed on a probe and Aeroprobe usually recommends a probe be calibrated every Mach number range of 0.1 throughout the entire range of velocities it will experience. More narrow ranges are recommended for Mach numbers below 0.1 and above 0.90. But if a probe will experience a flow around a specific velocity with a variation of about ± 30 m/s, only one calibration will be needed.

Aeroprobe can also calibrate probes for different fluids.


Consulting Services

Aeroprobe offers consulting services on fluid mechanics problems, and advice on the design of experimental rigs. To a certain extent, such advice is offered pro bono. If consulting services are needed that would require more extensive involvement of Aeroprobe engineers, special arrangements can be made accordingly. Aeroprobe engineers have combined experience of over 100 years covering most areas of fluid mechanics, as well as access to specialists in the academic world they can consult with, or recommend for direct consulting to Aeroprobe customers. Arrangements can be made for Aeroprobe teams to visit the customers’ facilities with experimental hardware to carry out on-site measurements and provide direct technical consulting.


Wind Tunnel Calibrations

Aeroprobe provides the full instrumentation to calibrate wind tunnels for flow uniformity and turbulence characteristics. Aeroprobe also designs and provides dedicated instrumentation, if continuous monitoring of these wind tunnel characteristics is required. Aeroprobe engineers are available to carry out wind tunnel calibrations on site (fee-based service).


Other Calibrations

Aeroprobe can apply its superior calibration techniques to almost any multi-hole probe. On several occasions Aeroprobe has calibrated probes manufactured by University Laboratories. Aeroprobe also has an EPA-certified facility with which they calibrate smoke-stack DAT probes for use in emission testing of factories or power-plants.


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