DSA3217-PTP | DSA3218-PTP Pressure Scanner

Digital Sensor Array

About the DSA3217-PTP | DSA3218-PTP Pressure Scanner

The DSA3200-PTP series pressure scanners are versatile, all-in-one data acquisition systems. Each DSA3217/3218 -PTP is built on a pressure sensor per measurement channel architecture. Every pressure sensor is uniquely calibrated over a wide temperature range. All data acquisition, data conversion and communications tasks are handled by the integrated A/D converters and processor. This combination provides easy setup, simple operation and long term reliability.

In addition to the electronics, internal calibration valves are included to provide maximum functionality. The valves allow for several logic states including measurement, isolate, calibrate and purge. In the calibration configuration, either a known pressure can be applied for a span verification/correction, or the sensors can each be pneumatically shorted together allowing for a quick zero offset calibration. This zero offset calibration feature, in conjunction with the sensor’s natural stability and repeatability combine to provide maximum long term accuracy.

Key features DSA3217-PTP | DSA3218-PTP

  • Intelligent pressure scanner
  • “Network Ready” Ethernet TCP/IP, FTP & UDP
  • 850 samples/channel/second EU
  • up to ±.05% full scale long term accuracy
  • 0 - 52 bar (0 - 750 psi) pressure range
  • Temperature compensated pressure sensors
  • Dual pressure ranges available
  • IEEE1588-2008v2 PTP compliant
  • Drop-in replacement for DSA3200 series scanners

Applications DSA3217-PTP | DSA3218-PTP

  • Wind tunnel test for buildings
  • Aerospace and automotive aerodynamic tests
  • Gas turbine testing
  • Compressor testing
  • Turbomachinery tests
  • Flow measurement across an orifice
  • Wind turbine aerodynamic validations



Measurement Range
Differential: 0 - 70 mbar to 0 - 52 bar (0 - 1 psi to 0 - 750 psi)
Absolute: 0 - 1 bar to 0 - 17 bar (15, 30, 50, 100 and 250 psia)
0.05 - 0.4 %
Pressure Type
absolute, differential
Output [Supply Voltage]
Ethernet [28 VDC nom.]
Inputs (Px)
DSA3217-PTP: Standard: 16 each .063 inch (1.6mm) O.D. tubulations
DSA3218-PTP: Standard: 1/8 inch Swagelok ® fittings, Optional: 1/16 and 1/4 inch Swagelok ® fittings
16 bit
Scan Rate
850 Hz/Channel EU
Operating Temperature
DSA3217-PTP: 0°C to 60°C, DSA3218-PTP: 0°C to 55°C
Compensated Temperature
0°C to 72°C standard
Maximum Reference Pressure
17 bar
Media Compatibility
Gases compatible with silicon, silicone, aluminum, and Buna-N
DSA3217-PTP: 2.9 kg, DSA3218-PTP: 4.45 kg
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