MPS4264xx Miniature Pressure Scanner and Accessories (Serie)

Designed for usage in wind tunnel and flight tests

About the Miniature Pressure Scanners

MPS4264 Miniature Pressure Scanner

The MPS4000 miniature pressure scanner has been designed from the ground up to be a ‘game changer’ in the world of multi-channel miniature pressure measurement. Scanivalve has spent years developing a product that will exceed expectations where collecting high speed / high accuracy data is paramount, and space limitations are a consideration. The MPS scanner is a complete data acquisition system simply requiring a low current dc power source (9-36Vdc) and an Ethernet connection. It has a very small footprint, TCP/IP connectivity, IEEE1588 support, and a wealth of other innovative features.The entire MPS4264 scanners is built around a brand new ultra-stable pressure sensor. Scanivalve has worked directly with a leading pressure sensor manufacturer to develop a custom packaging solution that allows us to maximize the transducers’s stability and accuracy.

MPS4264 (EPx) Miniature Pressure Scanner

The all new, third valve configuration is the Electric valve (EPx). The EPx configuration allows for the valve state to be changed by using a simple software command, eliminating the need for pneumatic control pressures. This configuration is optimal when pneumatic control pressures are inconvenient or impossible to use.

Key features MPS4264

  • Integral Processor for Direct Ethernet connection
  • New valve design provides “isolate-purge”
  • Dynamic Zero Correction for unmatched sensor stability
  • Standard or “Normal Px” valve control
  • IEEE1588-2008v2 PTP compatible
  • Up to 2,500 samples/channel/second in “Fast Mode”, 850 samples/channel/second standard.
  • Integral web server
  • Simple LabVIEW® integration

Applications MPS4264

  • Wind Tunnel
  • Flight Test
  • Engine Tests
  • Tests for aerodynamic applications (e.g. air flow measurement)
  • General Applications

MPS Pressure Scanner Accessories

ES4000 Miniature Ethernet Switch

The miniature Ethernet switch allows connectivity to multiple modules from a single host. By utilizing a smaller profile connector rather than a typical RJ45; the size of the Ethernet switch is drastically reduced. Scanivalve offers multiple cabling solutions for this mini Ethernet switch. The ES4000 is available in 4 port (ES4004) and 8 port (ES4008) configurations:

  • 4 or 8 Mini-con Ethernet Ports
  • Single RJ45 to Host connector
  • Rugged Aluminum case

MPSTCU – Thermal Control Unit

The MPSTCU is intended for use in situations where thermal conditions are outside the operating range of a standard MPS module (0-70°C). The MPSTCU utilizes an optional internal heater circuit which provides a stable environment for the MPS, allowing it to operate at much colder temperatures. An optional Cooling Kit is available when the MPSTCU is to be used in higher temperature environments from 60-125°C.

Thermal Control Units are most commonly used in flight test, automotive, wind tunnel, and engine test applications where temperatures tend to vary. The pneumatic connection to both the Digital (MPS4264) and the Analog (MPS4164) utilize the same 70MPS connector. All of the MPSTCU units will include a rugged anodized aluminum enclosure, pneumatic connectors and mating pneumatic connectors, a single electrical/data connector, and a breakout cable with flying leads:

  • Available for Digital MPS4264 – CPx, NPx, and EPx / Available for Analog MPS4164 – CPx, and NPx
  • Optional cooling kit for 60 to 125°C applications / Option heating kit for -60° to 0°C
  • Quick disconnects for electrical and pneumatic I/O
  • Rugged Aluminum case
  • IP-54 rating

Additional Accessories

  • MPS Single Power Supplies
  • MPSPDM4500 5 Port Power Supply
  • Px Input Header Kit
  • CAL and REF Header Kit
  • MPS Plumbing Dummy
  • MPS Blanking Cover
  • MPSTCU Breakout Box
  • Pneumatic Static basket


Measurement Range
4 inH₂O, 8 inH₂O, 1psid, 5psid, 15psid, 50 psid (0 - 10 mbar to 0 - 3,44 bar)
0.06 - 0.2 %
Pressure Type
gauge, differential
Output [Supply Voltage]
Ethernet [9 - 36 VDC]
Ethernet Connection
100baseT, MDIX auto-crossing
Data Output Rate
TCP/IP Binary: 850 Hz, "Fast Mode": 2500Hz
Inputs (Px)
0.042" [1.067mm] OD (standard), 0.031" [.787mm] OD (optional)
Inputs (Cal, Ref, CTL, Prg)
0.063" [1.600mm] OD
A/D Resolution
24 bit
Maximum Reference Pressure
3.5 bar
Maximum Environment Pressure
7 bar
Operating Temperature
0° to 70°C (-50°C to 60°C with TCU)
Storage Temperature
0° to 80°C
Media Compatibility
Gases compatible with silicon, silicone, aluminum, and Buna-N
186.9 g
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