DSM4000 Digital Service Module

Digital service module for up to 8 ZOC multi channel pressure modules

About the DSM4000 Digital Service Module

The Digital Service Module, DSM4000, is designed to interface up to eight Scanivalve ZOC pressure scanners or EIM (Electrical Input Module) units to an Ethernet network. The DSM4000 is a complete data acquisition system built in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure. The DSM4000 performs all of the engineering unit conversion, configuration and communication tasks for the analog ZOC modules and also gives the user 5 digital inputs and outputs. These outputs may be used to drive solenoid valves such as Scanivalve’s DSMCPM or MSCP.


Key features DSM4000

  • DSP Technology
  • Sample rates up to 625 Hz/channel
  • Accepts up to 8 ZOC electronic pressure scanners (512 channels max)
  • Ethernet 100baseT
  • ARINC429 (optional)
  • Digital Input and Output capability
  • IEEE-1588 v2 PTP compliant with software update


Applications DSM4000

  • Wind tunnel
  • Gas turbine testing


No. of ZOC Pressure Scanners
1 to 8
Operating Temperature Range
0–60° C
Power Requirements
9 -36VDC, 44VA ; 115/230VAC with PDM1500 power supply
Power Mating Connector
Bendix PTO6A-8-3S-SR
Digital In Mating Connector
Bendix PTO6A-12-10S -SR
Digital Out Mating Connector
Bendix PTO6A-12-10P-SR
ZOC Mating Connector
Config Port Mating Connector
Cannon DE9S
Ethernet Connector
Communication Protocol
Ethernet 10/100BaseT; IEEE-802.3, TCP/IP or UDP, FTP, ARINC429 (optional)
Sample/ Throughput Rate
15 Hz/channel: TCP/IP ASCII, 500 Hz/channel: TCP/IP Binary, 625 Hz/channel: UDP Binary
Dimensions (WxHxD)
(228.6 mm) X (92.77 mm) X (101.6 mm)
DSM4000: 1.86 kg, PDM1500: 0.4 kg
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