E-RAD4000 Remote A/D

Pressure measurement system, scalable from 1 to 8 ZOC multi channel pressure modules

About the E-RAD4000 Remote A/D

This new Ethernet remote A/D system is a turnkey pressure measurement system that combines the field proven RAD with Ethernet TCP/IP. The state-of-the-art DSP technology is at the heart of our new ERAD4000 pressure measurement system. Located inside the RADBASE is a programmable device, (Digital Signal Processor, DSP) capable of extremely fast math functions that operate on the data stream in real time. All measurements are converted into Engineering units. The ERAD system is modular and allows up to 8 each A/D (16 bit) modules to be plugged into one RADBASE.  Each A/D supports one 16, 32, or 64 channel ZOC pressure scanner or one ZOCEIM scanner. The RADBASE is small enough to fit inside many wind tunnel models.The RADBASE DSP processor utilizes a pressure temperature look-up table to compensate the pressure sensors for temperature changes, thus reducing thermal errors. Long term accuracy is achieved for up to 6 months before recalibration is required. ERAD4000 system is capable of maintaining its performance even as computer technology and operating systems upgrade. ERAD will work on any hardware platform that has an Ethernet port, minimizing the user’s future interface risks.


Key features E-RAD4000

  • DSP technology
  • Real Time operating system
  • 625 Hz/channel throughput
  • Modular: 1 to 8 A/D sections per RADBASE
  • Engineering Unit Output
  • Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP, 100baseT
  • Accepts up to 8 each ZOC22 32 channel pressure scanner, ZOC33 64 channel pressure scanner, and ZOC17 16 channel pressure scanner


Applications E-RAD4000

  • wind tunnel model


Power Requirements
±15 VDC
No. of RAD A/D Modules Supported on one RAD base
1 to 8
No. of ZOC Modules Supported by one RAD base
1 to 8
Type of ZOC Modules Supported
0.05 - 0.15%
A/D Module Mating Connector
Cannon 15 pin MDM15SL2P
RADBASE Mating Communication Connector
A/D Resolution
16 bit
Sample Throughput Rates
625/Hz/channel binary UDP for 512Px channel system
RAD Operating Temperature Range
5°C to 60°C
up to 95% non-condensing
RADBASE: 44.45mm x 44.45mm x 68.07mm
RAD A/D 3200: 44.45mm x 44.45mm x 7.87mm
RDS3200: 44.45mm x 44.45mm x 11.43mm
RADBASE: 141 g, RAD A/D3200: 23 g, RDS3200: 23 g
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