SPC4050 Pressure Calibrator

Provides automated calibration of Scanivalve DSA, ZOC, and MPS series pressure scanners

About the SPC4050 Pressure Calibrator

The SPC4050 pressure calibrator is designed to provide automated calibration of Scanivalve DSA, ZOC, and MPS
series pressure scanners. The calibration system consists of 3 components:

1. The heart of the calibration system is the Scanivalve pressure calibrator, model SPC4050. The SPC4050 calibrator has up to two independent precision pressure regulators. Each regulator can have up to two gauge or absolute transducers; thus up to 4 transducers per calibrator. Transducers can be quickly removed for calibration or
service. The transducers are Gauge (psig) or Absolute (psia). Full Scale Gauge pressure ranges are available between 0.36 psig and 750 psig.

2. Scanivalve’s Pneumatic Logic Unit (SPCPLU) is required for automated DSA, ZOC, and MPS calibrations. This unit
contains the pneumatic solenoid valves and manifolds required to perform single or multi-range calibrations, as
well as zero offset corrections.

3. A utility program, PressCal is included with the SPC4050. It performs automated or manual calibrations on all DSA and ZOC pressure scanners by controlling the pressure calibrator and SPCPLU. The PressCal program is hosted in a Windows® environment. PressCal updates the module calibration coefficient files and generates “as received” and calibration validation reports


Key features SPC4050


  • 0.01% F.S. accuracy
  • Up to 4 calibration ranges, 0.36 to 750 psig, 0 to 750psia.
  •  Based on Mensor CPC6050 automated pressure calibrator
  •  Removable/interchangeable transducers
  •  Color touch screen
  •  Automated DSA, ZOC, and MPS calibrations
  •  Bench or rack mount
  • Direct replacement for SPC4000 calibrators


Applications SPC4050

This SPC4050 pressure calibrator is based on the Mensor Corp. model CPC6050 pressure calibrator with specific
changes made to work with Scanivalve products. These changes include additional digital outputs to control the
SPCPLU as well as modified OEM firmware to accept Scanivalve commands.

In order to perform multipoint calibrations and zero Offset corrections on demand to DSA, ZOC, and MPS pressure
scanners, the calibrator must be used with the SPCPLU. The reference side of the gauge transducers can be connected to an alternate remote location (tunnel static, elevated line pressure, static basket, etc).

The calibration system can be used for many applications including multi-point calibration of DSA ZOC, and MPS
pressure scanners, zero offset correction, and leak testing. The calibrator can also be used in the local/manual mode utilizing the front panel touch screen or remotely via Ethernet. It would be used in this standalone mode to
regulate and measure pressures to calibrate individual pressure transducers. It could be used to send known pressures to all of the DSA, ZOC, and MPS sensors to ensure they are reading correctly (System Validation).



Measurement Units
psi, inHg, inH₂O, ftH₂O, ATM, bar, mbar, mmH₂O, cmH₂O, cmHg, Torr, kPa, Pa, Mpa, PSF, C. Other units and 2 user-defined units are also available
4 to 6 significant digits, user selectable
Approximately 30 minutes to achieve full accuracy depending on the environment
Local User Interface-Display
8.9” color LCD display with a resistive touch screen
Case Dimensions
16.86” wide x 6.97” high x 16.37” deep (42.8 cm x 17.7 cm x 41.6 cm)
16.33 kg with all internal options
Pressure Media
Clean, dry, non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-oxidizing gases—not suitable for oxygen use
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to 50°C
Compensated Temperature Range
15°C to 45°C
Pneumatic Interface
1/4 inch Swagelok® fittings
Power Requirement
100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 75 VA
The SPC4050 (Mensor CPC6050) complies with RoHS, EN61326-1:A1:1998, EN61326-1:A2:2001, EN55024:1998, and EN61010-1-1
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