VibroMatrix® InnoScope®

Digital Oscilloscope (Software Instrument)

About the VibroMatrix® InnoScope® Software

The InnoScopes are universal digital oscilloscopes. Up to 4 measurement graphs can be displayed in one InnoScope simultaneously. They can represent both, signals of different sensors but also different measurands from one sensor signal, since the InnoScope Pro masters time integration and double integration. Therefore the signal of an accelerometer can be displayed as acceleration, velocity and displacement.

The InnoScopes have a high memory depth of up to 10 million measured values per channel. They record up to 1000 seconds to display low-frequency processes, e.g. building vibrations.

The new statistical techniques can be used for smoothing the displayed processes, but also to detect the signal range.

For evaluation, 2 cursors are available. Time and measured values as will as differences at the cursor position are presented numerically.

The export of data as graphic or text provides additional fields of application. Furthermore, the recorded signals can be played back acoustically or be saved as wave file. The InnoScope can even carry out this export automated when triggering and then send this file via e-mail by means of the annunciator function.

Applications InnoScope®

The InnoScope allows the signals' shape analysis of fast vibration and shock processes in time domain. These processes can be displayed in detail, measured and exported for documentation or post-processing. Thus, e.g. construction parts which are exposed to impulse-like loads can be optimized.

Automated evaluations determine e.g. the HIC (Head Injury Criterion) directly after the measurement, but also parameters of decay processes. Working together with the InnoAnalyzer, natural frequencies can be determined. Likewise, the InnoScopes reliably display sporadically or periodically occuring events. The orbital mode displays movement of the object in the plane (e.g. shaft vibrations).

Requirements for using InnoScope®

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VibroMatrix measurement system (measurement amplifier InnoBeamer required)
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