Vibromatrix® InnoAnalyzer®

FFT Vibration Analyzer (Software Instrument)

About the Vibromatrix® InnoAnalyzer® Software

The InnoAnalyzers are universal vibration analyzers for vibration acceleration respectively also vibration velocity and displacement (Pro-Version).

The instruments cover the whole field of frequency analysis from an automatic mode to special modes like PSD, bearing diagnostics by envelope analysis, acoustics measurements or determination of frequency response.

The high number of lines of more than 500 000 FFT lines allows a frequency resolution of up to 1 mHz. Switching the frequency axis from Hz to 1/min simplifies the allocation to rotating parts. In addition, frequencies can be displayed as multiple of rotation speed (order analysis).

Amplitudes are detected and listed up automatically, values are also displayed in the chart when required. Additionally, two differently colored cursors with value display support you during the analysis. The export of the graphs into other applications as graphic or as pairs of values in text format is easily possible.

Frequency analyses can be carried out continuously as well as - e.g. for bump tests - in response to a triggered time signal.

During unattended operation, analyses can be saved periodically or limit dependent or be sent via e-mail.

Applications InnoAnalyzer®

For the frequency analysis of vibrations, the InnoAnalyzers are applied. Rotating parts in drives, gears, pumps, fans and many other technical products cause vibrations. Often, different frequency components generate a vibration mix.

InnoAnalyzers decompose this mix into its different frequency components by fast Fourier-transformation (FFT). So you can detect the parts which are primarily responsible for the vibrations. As a result, mechanical malfunctions are precisely and quickly tracked down in development, quality control or service. The success of measures to reduce vibrations is proven measurably.

Requirements for using InnoAnalyzer®

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VibroMatrix measurement system (measurement amplifier InnoBeamer required)
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