Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® HVM 2631

Human whole-body vibration measurement acc. to EN ISO2631:1997 and EC Directive 2002/44/EC (Software Instrument)

About the Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® HVM 2631:1997 Software

Compared to usual hand-held instruments, the InnoMeter HVM 2631 possesses a user guide. The user is guided through the measurement from the choice of measurement mode to the evaluation of measurement’s results. Graphical drawings for sensor positioning ease multiaxial measurement and ensure a correct application of the standard.

Acc. to the standard, the InnoMeter 2631 is designed for three channels. The required measurands and weighting filters are integrated. By simply choosing the measurement mode, parameters are adjusted automatically acc. to the standard.

The following calculations are integrated as well so that single measurements are clearly evaluated with traffic light colors even while measuring.

Measurements can be saved, exported and read into again. In the calculation sheet, several measaurements can  simply be combined to a daily vibration exposure by drag & drop. The powerful report-function enables you to generate reports at the push of a button.

The Pro-Version additionally includes frequency analysis for both, the unweighted vibration signal and the signal weighted acc. to considerations concerning occupational health. This way, responsible components are quickly detected and vibration causes are eliminated purposefully.


Applications Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® HVM 2631

The InnoMeter HVM 2631 was developed for the measurement of whole-body vibrations according to EN ISO 2631:1997, LärmVibrationsArbSchV and directive 2002/44/EC.

If strong vibrations are transmitted to human beings, a decreased performance and even diseases might develop. For this reason, divers guidelines stipulate measurements acc. to EN ISO 2631, which assesses the vibration exposure on human beings.

Furthermore, the InnoMeter HVM 2631 is applied for an  objective vibration assessment with regard to comfort aspects.

For a measurement conforming to standards, a sensor is positioned between person and seat. The signals are transferred to the measurement software in real-time.


Requirements for using InnoMeter® HVM 2631

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VibroMatrix measurement system (measurement amplifier InnoBeamer required)


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