Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® HVM 6954

Vibration measurement on ships acc. to DIN ISO 6954:2001 (Software Instrument)

About the Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® HVM 6954:2001 Software

Compared to usual hand-held instruments, the InnoMeter HVM 6954 possesses a user guide. The user is guided through measurement from the choice of measurement mode to the evaluation of measurement’s results. Graphical drawings for sensor positioning ease multiaxial measurement and ensure a correct application of the standard.

Acc. to the standard, the InnoMeter 6954 is designed for simultaneous measurement in all 3 axes. The required vibration parameters and weighting filters are integrated. The classification defined in the standard (passenger cabins, crew rooms, working areas) is available together with the respective standard values. With the simple choice of the measurement mode, the parameters and standard values are adjusted automatically acc. to the standard.

Remarks about the measurements can be noted, measurements can be saved and read into again.

The Pro-Version additionally includes frequency analysis for both, the unweighted vibration signal and the signal weighted acc. to considerations concerning occupational health. This way, responsible components are quickly detected and vibration causes are eliminated purposefully.


Applications Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® HVM 6954

Aboard passenger and merchant vessels vibrations can occur, which may negatively interfere with the work of the crew or which may diminish the comfort of passengers and crew. In order to assess complaints or to prevent them, measurements acc. to DIN ISO 6954:2001 are suitable, since they allow the evaluation of the vibration severity with regard to habitability aboard ships.

By using the InnoMeter HVM 6954:2001, one can easily perform these measurements conforming to standards. Additionally, the instrument contains a storage for recent measurement results.


Requirements for using InnoMeter® HVM 6954

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VibroMatrix measurement system (measurement amplifier InnoBeamer required)
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