Vibromatrix® InnoAnalyzer® 3D

For Time-Frequency Analyses (Software Instrument)

About the Vibromatrix® InnoAnalyzer® 3D Software

The InnoAnalyzers 3D are universal vibration analyzers for vibration acceleration respectively also vibration velocity and displacement (Pro version).

The instruments perform freely configurable frequency analyses, bearing diagnosis by envelope analysis and acoustics measurements with weighting filters.

In addition to the time-frequency display (3D) it can be switched to a 2D-display for each spectrum.The selection is done by the corresponding cursor. The 3D diagram can be rotated, shifted and zoomed in various ways in order to get the best possible display.

The high number of lines of more than 500 000 FFT lines allows a frequency resolution of up to 0.01 Hz. Switching the frequency axis from Hz to 1/min simplifies the allocation to rotating parts.

During  unattended  operation,  analyses  can  be  saved periodically or limit dependent or be sent via e-mail.

Applications Vibromatrix® InnoAnalyzer® 3D

In order to get the individual frequency components from many  overlapping  vibrations,  a  frequency  analysis  is performed. The frequency spectra of rotating machines are  influenced  by  e.g.  changes  of  rotational  speed. Therefore, it is useful to be able to view several frequency analyses  over  time  in  connection  to  each  other.  With InnoAnalyzer 3D such time-frequency analyses can be performed. The spectra are displayed as a waterfall.

By means of the waterfall display of run-up and coast-down analysis the speed-dependent and -independent vibration components can easily be determined. Natural oscillations and resonance states are identified reliably.


Requirements for using InnoAnalyzer® 3D

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VibroMatrix measurement system (measurement amplifier InnoBeamer required)
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