Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® 4150-2

Vibration effects on persons in buildings acc. to DIN 4150-2 (Software Instrument)

About the Vibromatrix® InnoMeter® 4150-2 Software

The InnoMeter 4150-2 combines vibration measurement, automatic evaluation and presentation of results in one instrument. The most important characteristic: A report can be printed at any time since the evaluation is carried out simultaneously with the measurement. Circuitous data transfer is not required here. You are ready for giving a statement immediately and at any time.

The German standard DIN 4150-2 describes a multi-stage system for deciding whether vibrations act pestering on people in buildings. This decision tree is running through the InnoMeter 4150-2 using the current measured values and thus provides a sound emergency assessment for the harrasment.

The user simply selects a measuring method and type of building, clicks the start button and off you go.

The measured data is available in differently detailed levels: You can see the overall status at once, but you are able to display more details concerning interesting events progressively. Detail depth reaches up to the recorded high-resolution vibration signal.

When it comes to printing a record, the detail depth can be selected as well. The most important data incl. the measurement graph fits on one A4 page. If required, the single events are printed as well. The period for the report to be printed can also be selected.

Automatic transmission of measurement or notification of outsiders about alarms for instance via signal lamps is possible as well.


Applications InnoMeter® 4150-2

The InnoMeter 4150-2 is used to measure vibrations in buildings and evaluates the effect on people acc. to DIN 4150-2.

Vibrations from heavy building activities, traffic, machine operation or also detonations affect people in buildings. The InnoMeter 4150-2 measures these vibrations, evaluates them acc. to the standard immediately and is able to inform about the occured vibrations at any time.

With the measurement kits VMSet-22(P) and VMSet-24(P) is a suitable set available, which contains sensors and signal converters for the connection to your own measuring computer.


Requirements for using InnoMeter® 4150-2

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Windows XP or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VibroMatrix measurement system (measurement amplifier InnoBeamer required)
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