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Althen, Metesco & Relli run against childhood cancer

Please support our Dutch team during the Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday 16 October

Helpt u ons en het Prinses Màxima Medisch Centrum tijdens de Marathon van Amsterdam?
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29 August 2022
The Dutch team of Althen - Metesco & Relli Technology participates in the 2022 Amsterdam Marathon. Over three distances we will run with over 25 colleagues to raise money for the Prinses Maxima Centrum on Sunday 16 October. We want all our childeren to have a healthy and bright future, and are trying to raise at least € 20.000,- for the fight against childhood cancer.

The Prinses Maxima Centrum

Did you know that in Holland 600 children are diagnosed with cancer every year? At present, 1 in 4 children still dies of this disease with all the emotional and heartbreaking consequences for all these families. There are 25 to 50 forms of childhood cancer, which are treated in seven paediatric oncology centres across the Netherlands. Since 2018, all children with the disease from all over are treated at the Princess Máxima Centre. The Princess Máxima Centre will be the largest and strongest organization working on children's cancer in Europe. The centre has one ambition: to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life.

What does the foundation do?

The foundation raises financial means to enable innovative treatments, which directly contribute to a better cure and optimal quality of life, but which are not (yet) financed by the health insurance companies. In an inspiring presentation, Renske Leyenaar - van de Wolfshaar of the Princess Máxima Centre introduced our Dutch team to the goals and the different programmes of the foundation: neuro oncology, ceilulair immunotherapy, the talent plan, and quality of life. Quality of life in terms of facilities, programmes and ICT tools that allow the normal life of a child and family to continue as much as possible. The foundation is looking for partners to support these five strategic pillars.

  • Progressive research
  • Innovative treatments
  • Data facilities
  • Quality of life
  • International co-operation   

The Dutch team runs against childhood cancer

One thing is certain: our team of 25 runners will be highly motivated to start the 8-kilometre, 21-kilometre (half-marathon) and full TCS Amsterdam Marathon for the Princess Máxima Centre. With weekly professional guidance and joint training sessions, they are all dressed up in new running clothes to face these great challenges for this great cause on Sunday 16 October. Because of all the support, their unrestrained enthusiasm, and the absolute will to raise as much money as possible in the fight against childhood cancer, they are more than convinced that it will be a great success in all respects.

Will you help us with your donation?

Do you want to help us reach our goal and support the Princess Maxima Centre? Super nice when you look at our Maximaal in Actie page or make your donation below to the Dutch Althen, Metesco and Relli team directly.


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