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03 September 2018
Althen Sensors & Controls, specialists for electronic measurements of physical parameters, will be presenting their new 3D Automated Wheel Measurement System at InnoTrans in Berlin from September 18 to 21. This new system measures train, tram and metro wheels in-motion, measurement at speeds up to 350 km/h. Fully automatic from data transfer to self-cleaning.

Thanks to the new technology, trains will no longer have to stop at a maintenance stations for wheel measurements.

3D Wheel Measurement is mounted next to the tracks. Five laser scanners on each side measure the diameter, profile, and back2back distances of all wheels, including X-Y model, calculation of parameters and tolerances. Systems for tram wheels include an additional laser due to the smaller distance between the wheels. Measurements are typically performed at 50 km/h when a train is passing by or before it enters the station or maintenance area. An upgrade for the system is currently being developed and will be released shortly. It will improve the sensor frequency, enabling measurements of high-speed trains at up to 350 km/h.

To protect against outdoor conditions, the sensors are mounted in special protective housings. For places with particularly rough conditions, cooling and heating elements are integrated as needed. They allow the system to work anywhere between -40 and +50 degrees Celsius.

“One of the many sensors is mounted just next to the tracks and records data as soon as a train passes by. An RFiD scanner identifies each individual axle. In addition, a camera next to the tracks records identification properties such as vehicle number, make/model and logo.

The data is transmitted automatically to the engineers, technicians and data analysts. Our 3D Wheel Measurement System is the only one of its kind in Europe so far,” says Thijs Haselhoff, Business Development Director at Althen.

Innotrans Berlin

Interested visitors can find out more about 3D Wheel Measurement and Althen’s other innovative solutions at Innotrans, stand 115 in hall 6.2.

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