Althen presents new Weighing in Motion System at Railtech Europe 2019

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29 March 2019
Althen Sensors & Controls has presented their new Weighing in Motion System at Railtech 2019 in Utrecht (March 26-28). This new Weighing in Motion System for the Railway industry (trains, trams & railway) is a stationary measurement system used for Weighing in Motion, Wheel Flat Detection, Train Detection and much more!

Accurate at high speeds
The AWIM Weighing in Motion System is very accurate and remains accurate at high speeds. The accuracy of this system is based on measuring a complete train, consisting of a locomotive and various cars. The AWIM System is equipped with eight weighing points. 

When combining all measurements an overall accuracy of better than ±0,5% is achieved for passing trains with various speeds, complying with OIML R106, class 0,5. Formal tests by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden show even an average accuracy of ±0,2%.

The AWIM system offers the following measurements and safety parameters:

  • Train direction and speed
  • Identifiation number, Locomotive- & Wagontype
  • Very high accurate load measurements (< ±0,5%)
  • Weight of single wheel, axles, bogies and complete wagons
  • Number of axles
  • Very high accurate uneven load detection
  • Overload detection
  • Wheel Flat Detection (defects)
  • Detection system for Derailment Risk (!)

Integrated Vision-RFiD scanning system

In order to identify the vehicle, the locomotive- and wagontype can be determined by our system thanks to an integrated algorithm comparing distances between passing wheels and bogies. In addition extra features can be added to increase identification of vehicles and axles. We offer an integrated RFiD scanning system and as well Vision Technology Cameras to register the vehicle number and axle ID’s.

Furthermore our AWIM system can easily be combined with our laser 3D Automated Wheel Measurement System. To include diameter, back2back and the complete wheel profile of all wheels!

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