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Althen Sensors & Controls at TU Delft's Dream Hall Event

Dream Hall Partner Event | Althen Sensors
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02 May 2023
The annual Dream Hall Partner Event brings together student teams from various disciplines to collaborate and innovate in the field of technology. The event provides a platform for students to showcase their work, learn from industry professionals, and explore new ideas. Because of our partnership with the Project March student team Althen Sensors & Controls participated during the Info Market and presented an inspirational case about tilt measurement of quay wall inclination to various groups of students.

The Dream Hall Partner Event 

Recently the Dream Hall Partner Event took place on the TU Delft campus. The event was an enormous success, bringing together some of the biggest partners of the Dream Teams in the Dream Hall. During the event a total of 20 partners from Team Epoch, Delft Hyperloop, Eco-Runner Team Delft, TU Delft Hydro Motion Team and Project MARCH came together. It started off with an informative market, followed by smaller group sessions where partners had the opportunity to give presentations and present cases. Althen's Sales Engineers presented the company at the Info Market and showcased an interactive case about measuring the inclination of quay walls for groups of students.

Self-balancing exoskeleton from Project March 

Over the years Althen has supported various student projects, because we have a passion for (sustainable) technology and innovation. The technical students of today are the innovators of tomorrow. Although this year we are once again supporting the student teams of Eco-Runner and Delft Hyperloop, our presence at this Dream Hall Partner Event was mainly due to our contribution to Project March. The exoskeleton developed by this team will consist of various joints that need to move smoothly and precisely with our custom torque sensors and linear load cells. We hope that partly through our support, this year's team will succeed to design a self-balancing exoskeleton, so the pilot will be able to walk without the use of crutches and will experience complete freedom.

Dream Hall Partner Event | Althen Sensors

Case about IoT inclination measurement 

Two of our sales engineers presented Althen Sensors & Controls to the students and all the other partners. Especially for this occasion, we had brought along a 3D print impression of the torque sensors, which plays such an important role in the skeleton of Project March. For the second part of the afternoon, our sales engineers had worked out a very interactive case. The various groups of students were actually taken through the whole process surrounding our SmartBrick and how inclination of the Amsterdam quay walls can be measured and managed. It was a great pleasure to come together and meet all the other partners and student teams. 

Dream Hall Partner Event | Althen Sensors

Innovation and knowledge sharing 

The Dream Hall Partner Event provides an excellent platform for students to explore new ideas, collaborate with peers, and gain valuable experience in the field of technology. Althen Sensors' participation in the event highlights the importance of industry-academia collaborations in promoting innovation and knowledge sharing. 

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