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Delft Hyperloop takes the lead with Helios I

The next step towards the European Hyperloop Week 2022 in Holland

23 February 2022
TU Delft students have launched their spectacular design for Delft Hyperloop and aim to win all prizes this coming summer. With support and sensor solutions from Althen.

"We take the lead" is the very ambitious statement of Team DH06. With the design reveal of the Helios I, the next step towards the European Hyperloop Week (EHW) is taken. It promises to be an unique event, because it takes place on home soil this coming July. With Althen's vacuum laser displacement sensors, among others, Delft Hyperloop aims to win all prizes this summer.

The Hyperloop Concept

There is an increasing need for transport. This leads to capacity, environmental and other problems. Hyperloop is a very promising alternative for all modes of transportation. The concept is as fast as an aeroplane, but will result in only a small fraction of the ecological footprint compared to that way of transport. After cars, trains, boats and planes, Hyperloop will become the fifth form of transportation. In this system, pods travel in a near-vacuum tube system. The pods float in the tube because of magnetic propulsion. The pod is barely subject to air resistance. As a result speeds of around 1,000 kilometres per hour are achieved. The Hyperloop system is extremely energy efficient.

Team Delft Hyperloop 06

The team's mission is to develop the desire, technology and infrastructure for the future implementation of the hyperloop system. It focuses on making a floating pod. The team wants to take some fundamental steps towards a scalable hyperloop system. Therefore, the Helios I will be suspended from a suspended orbit. In the HeliosI, technology will be used that has never been used by any other student team before. 

Now that the design phase has been completed, the students will actually build their hyperloop system. The pod will be a scale model of about two meters long and 80 centimeters wide. The students are building a test track of about 70 meters long in Hilversum. The prototype should be ready for use at the end of June.

Althen sensors in the Helios I

Again we are a very proud and committed partner of Delft Hyperloop. Besides our practical expertise and engineering advice, we are also sponsoring the project with sensors. In previous years our sensors focused on measuring the position of the Hyperloop pod in relation to the magnetic track. We also helped with the installation of various sensors including: high speed laser sensors, tow-wire sensors and acceleration sensors. Because of the confidential relationship and the competition, we will not reveal anything about the exact sensors until after this year's European Hyperloop Week.

At Althen we support you, Team DH06! We would like to wish you all the possible fortune and fun during the coming European Hyperloop Week. Take the lead!

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