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Deron and Althen announce official partnership

Deron and Althen announce an official partnership with a focus on digitization and circularity

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15 October 2021
Over the past two years, Althen and Deron worked closely together on innovative sensor technology for medical sleep solutions in healthcare. Althen has developed a custom sensor grid in collaboration with Deron, which, in combination with other sensors, provides a total solution: the smart mattress. The Bossy®, is the first solution with this special grid and will be launched in 2022.

The Dutch community is aging and more people are in need of healthcare. Nursing is short of resources and is under constant pressure due to an aging population, a shortage of qualified healthcare personnel and financial constraints, especially at night. With the innovative Bossy®, a few extra eyes are watching.

Monitoring leads to a reduction in workload and improvement of healthcare

The smart mattress contains sensors that determine the presence and absence of the patient. The mattress also detects if someone is sitting on the edge of the bed. By monitoring these two states, false alarms are minimized. Preventing bedsores (decubitus ulcers) is an important focus in healthcare. Preventive measures, such as turning clients every 3 to 4 hours, are very labour-intensive. In practice, many clients turn on their own. Bossy® monitors which clients have turned on their own, because the sensors register the client's posture. Thanks to this secure monitoring, healthcare personnel knows when their patient needs to be turned when sleeping.

The signals reach the caregiver

The Bossy® module, mounted under the bed, can connect to implemented IT systems in healthcare. This can be both existing and new platforms. The desired alarm eventually reaches the end point via the device (for example the nurse's mobile phone).

Scalable concept

The concept is really unique because of the scalability. The smart-ready mattress is offered at the same price as the usual mattresses used in healthcare. Healthcare institutions can use these smart functions at any preffered time, with a low-cost data subscription model.

Deron for digital and circular sleep solutions

Deron is a leading healthcare sleep solutions company. With constant innovations in the field of sleep comfort, pressure ulcer prevention and the ability to offer effective solutions for people with pain complaints, Deron has been market leader for several years. Deron works with the ISO 13485 quality management system and is certified. All digital products also comply with European legislation and regulations, the MDR. From April 2021, Deron released its unique Soof®. Soof® is more than recyclable, Soof® is the only fully circular care mattress. At the beginning of 2022, Deron will also provide this mattress with sensors, making the first circular smart mattress a fact.



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