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Team Eco-Runner Delft wins the Shell Eco-Marathon in Assen

486 kilometres on 1m3 of hydrogen

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23 May 2022
Eco-Runner Team Delft is the winner of Shell Eco-marathon 2022! We are very proud, that we have contributed to this a little with our Althen RWT 421 Rotary Torque Sensor.

Just after the launch, it was clear that the Eco-Runner XII was extremely light weighing 67 kg. This year's version was even more economical than its successful predecessors. The new car was launched at Move Amsterdam. During the the launch the audience was treated with fantastic images of the sustainable hydrogen car driving through the beautiful, historic centre of Delft and the TU Delft campus.

Further innovative improvements

The new car was packed with all sorts of innovations. The car's drive system has an improved fuel cell and an electric motor in the wheel. The electronics in the car consumed 50% less power. Also, the race strategy could now be calculated almost 25 times faster. By making the entire bodywork of the car load-bearing, the team was able to save a lot of material. Many aluminium parts of the suspension and steering were replaced by lighter carbon fibre parts.

Rotary Torque Sensor for Eco-Runner

During this academic year, Team Eco-Runner Delft used an extensive test bench, in which they could measure the efficiency of the electric motor at different rotational speeds and torques. This way, the efficiency at different operating points (both torque and speed) could be measured. Also the settings in the motor controller could be adjusted to investigate which setting configuration would lead to the most efficient motor. Torque and speed were measured with the Althen RWT 421 Rotary Torque Sensor. The sensor solution enabled the Eco-Runner Team to get the maximum and most efficient performance from their engine.

The torque of a car indicates how much power the engine develops at a certain speed. At this particular speed, cars have maximum torque. Torque is determined by the physical law of "force times arm". The torque of a car or engine is expressed in nm (Newton metres).


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Winner on the historic TT Circuit in Assen

Eco-Runner Team Delft participated in the Urban Concept Class of the Shell Eco-marathon from 1 to 3 June. This energy-efficiency competition, in which the fuel-efficient vehicles have to have some of the characteristics of today's cars, resulted in a fantastic victory. The absolute crown on all the hard work of the past year. The team managed to cover no less than 500 kilometres on 1m3 of hydrogen. In their own country, on the TT Circuit Assen, the team left behind 11 other teams from 5 different countries.

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