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22 June 2022
As you may know, we offer engineers confidence. Visionary engineers need confidence. Certainty is at the heart of everything we do. With knowledge and quality Althen provides certainty.

In the advice and support we give you for the right sensor and measurement solution, we believe that knowledge and quality are decisive. That is why our engineers invest a lot of their time in training and further developing their professional knowledge. This is how we distinguish ourselves in terms of quality. So that you can always rely on receiving excellent advice from our engineers that is fully customised to your market and company situation.

Machinery safety course for our engineers

This month, our engineers successfully participated in a Machine Safety course. Every machine that is put on the market or used in the EU has to meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive. The engineers of Althen and Metesco were informed about the requirements machines have to meet. At the end of this intensive course, they had insight into the most important requirements from the European directives that apply to machines or production lines. They also became further familiar with the consequences, content and coherence between the various CE Marking directives regarding machines, work equipment, and for example ATEX related requirements.

Monitoring developments in sensor technology at our partners

How can we give you certainty without being aware of the latest innovations in sensor technology? By not knowing exactly what is going on at our strategic partners? This is absolutely impossible. That is why we invest a lot of time in discovering the latest trends and innovations. Maintaining and further developing partnerships with our suppliers. Or being the first to discover that one decisive new sensor application that is currently being developed. This month, a number of our engineers visited a large number of existing partners in England. They also visited some new potential partners, and have looked into high accuracy vision-based measurement. Full of new knowledge and inspiration, they returned to support you even better.

Education, training and gathering specific knowledge are crucial in our continuous strive for quality. We regard our ISO certificate as an external confirmation of the distinctive quality we want to deliver every day. Our knowledge quality to give you certainty and confidence.

Please contact our engineers if you have any questions about the right sensor or measurement solution for your application. We will be glad to help you.

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