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The smallest pressure sensor in the World!

World's the smallest pressure sensors. Ultra-miniaturized pressure sensors for harsh environments and applications ranging up to 185°C.

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14 June 2022
Curious about World's smallest pressure sensors? We offer ultra-miniaturized pressure sensors from 1,2 mm. and ranging up to 185°C for harsh environments and demanding applications.

Today's industrial manufactures face many technical and engineering challenges. Developed products that better integrate within structures with less flow disruption are absolutely crucial. Reliable and highly accurate micro pressure sensors are essential for industries lilke: turbo machinery, automotive and aerospace. Sensorade's unique, high quality and precise ultra-miniaturised pressure senors are the answer to many industrial challenges. By developing the world's smallest pressure sensor (1.2 mm. diameter, flat version 1.25 mm.) Sensorade continues to push the limits of technology.

Sensorade sensors

Sensorade is the only OEM specialized in unique extremely small pressure sensors for harsh conditions. Precision, reliability, strength, performance enhancement and safety are the priorities of Sensorade. It's the only manufacturer capable of producing sensors this small without compromising performance, accuracy and reliability.

Applications for the ultra-miniaturised pressure senors

  • Instrumentation (Automotive);
  • Aerodynamic testing (Wind Tunnel);
  • Industrial process monitoring;
  • Pumps; Biomedical; oil and Gas.

Quick delivery

Due to our customer driven team and efficient logistic operation we are able to deliver the product you need in a very short amount of time.

Ultra-miniaturised pressure senors

The range includes absolute and differential pressure sensors with a cylindrical probe or flat housing configuration. The flagship product is the pioneer 1,2 mm harsh environment-high temperature ultra-mini pressure sensor fitting particularly well with Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics Analysis applications. The range includes:

  • 1.2 mm. Pressure Sensor for temperatures up to 100°C; 
  • 1.2 mm. Pressure Sensor for temperatures up to 185°C; 
  • 1.55 mm. pressure sensor for temperatures up to 100°C;
  • 1.55 mm. pressure sensor for temperatures up to 185°C;
  • 2.40 mm. Differential Pressure sensor with an integrated field shield;
  • 3.80 mm. Very High Pressure Sensor for temperatures up to 185°C and pressures up to 207 Bar. Perfect for applications such as automotive braking systems;
  • 3.80 mm. Medium Pressure Sensor is the perfect sensor for temperatures up to 180°C and pressures up to 20 Bar. The perfect sensor for applications such as automotive gearboxes.

Please contact us for your measurement challenge

If you have any questions, or when you would like to know more about your application in regard to miniaturized pressure sensors, please contact our engineers.

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