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Visit our location page for your nearest Althen location.


Visit our location page for your nearest Althen location.

What is life like at Althen?

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Life at Althen Sensors & Controls. Ready to join us?
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04 May 2023
As a leading integrator of sensor solutions, we have released a new video showcasing our vibrant workplace culture. The video offers a glimpse into the daily lives at Althen, highlighting the company's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, as well as its lively and supportive work environment. Are you ready to join us?

Our team of talented, creative, and passionate people, who come together to achieve great things, believes in creating a fun and positive work environment that fosters collaboration and empowers us to reach our fullest potential.

Life at Althen Sensors & Controls

Despite maybe a little sarcasm, exaggeration and self mockery, we hope that it is clearly obvious that Althen's commitment to people's well-being is evident, and that it is clear that Althen has a workplace culture that is both welcoming and very satisfying. A place that feels like a warm bath, and where everyone can, above all, be themselves.

We believe that work should be fun and fulfilling, not just a means to an end. Althen is proud to offer a workplace that values creativity, innovation, and teamwork, and that makes coming to work each day a very enjoyable experience that stays with you. Curious how life at Althen is, and what our people say? Watch the following video.

Current open vacancies

In addition to our vibrant workplace culture, we are currently hiring for a number of key positions:

These positions offer exciting opportunities for talented professionals who are looking to join a dynamic and supportive team.

Are you ready to join us?

Please don't hesitate when you have any questions, and contact us to take the next step into a very nice, comfortably warm bath. Does our way of working appeal to you? Look at the vacancies and apply. Who knows, maybe you will become part of our team. You can send your motivation and resume to hr@althen.nl


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