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P981 Standaard Druksensor Series

Pressure transducer for steelmill applications, 1/2'' or 1/4'' pressure adapter

P981 Standaard Druksensor Series | Althen Sensors

About the P981 Standard Pressure Transducer Series

These pressure sensor models were designed specifically to meet the requirements of accurate pressure measurement in hostile, harsh environments like in steel and aluminum rolling mill applications. Based on the popular P98x 4 ... 20 mA two wire series, the P981-01xx offer unique features not found on other types of pressure transducers.

All pressure transducers incorporate a proprietary fatigue enhanced diaphragm, which extends long term reliability and reduces degradation caused by a high number of pressure cycles, to withstand a large number of pressure cycles without changes in zero position.

The P981-01xx has built-in transient suppressor diodes to eliminate the effects of line voltage transient and is EMC compliant to CE Standards. The pressure transducer has also been fitted with an integral pressure restrictor virtually eliminating the possibility of damage due to very fast pressure changes, which might cause the sensor diaphragm into mechanical resonance. The pressure connection is made by steel mill proven ¼” or ½” male adaptor with an 'o'-ring for sealing.

The electrical termination is done by a 6 m long, six core cable. As an option, the transmitter is available with longer cable or with a 6-pin male connector (female mating part included). The transducers are available in measurement ranges from 0 ... 7 bar sg to 0 ... 700 bar sg. (Please change “xxxBAS“ to range in bar).


Key features P981 Series

  • Measurement ranges 0 … 350 bar [others on request]
  • High overload capability
  • Pressure connection with O-ring
  • Built-in pressure restrictor
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • High accuracy
  • Integral electronics in 4-20mA 2-wire
  • Transient suppressor to protect against voltage spikes
  • Reverse voltage protection




Pressure connector ¼“ male


Pressure connector ½“ male


Pressure connector ½“ male, vented


Pressure connector ¼“ male, extended frequency range 0 … 900 Hz


Measurement Range
0 - 350 bar
4 - 20 mA 2w [10 - 36 VDC]
Pressure Type
Pressure Limit
5x full range pressure or 830 bar, whichever is less
Burst Pressure
20x full range pressure or 1500 bar, whichever is less
Pressure Media
Liquids and gases compatible with 17-4 PH or 1.4541/71
Compensated Temperature
-20 to +80 °C (0 to +100 °C optional)
Operable Temperature Range
-54 to +120 °C
Storage Temperature
54 to +150 °C
Environmental Sealing
IP67 (fluid must not enter the ends of cable)
Vibration, max.
surpasses Mil.Std. 810C, Methode 514-2, Curve L and EUROCAE ED14A/RTCA160A
Shock, max.
1000 g for 5 ms will not damage the sensor

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