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18LP Lineaire Potmeters (Potentiometer)

Wirewound Potmeter met front extended shaft

18LP Lineaire Potmeters (Potentiometer) | Althen Sensors

About the 18LP Linear Potentiometer

The 18LP has a wirewound resistive element and a robust housing case. Stroke is available from 15mm to 100mm.

Features 18LP

  • Industrial wirewound model
  • Measurement range: 15mm to 100mm
  • Resistance value: 10 to 20kO
  • Linearity tolerance: ±2%, ±1%, ±0.7%, ±0.5%, ±0.4% or ±0.25%
  • Body dimensions (mm):
    • 20.5x18x50
    • 20.5x18x65
    • 20.5x18x85
    • 20.5x18x135

Special Specifications available

Stroke 150mm (S18LP150), stroke 200mm (S18LP200), sealed type (IP54, the length of "A" is extended by abt. 6 mm), with spring return device (up to 100mm stroke. Friction is 3N [300gf]. Spring return device is mounted on the outer shaft (For details please ask us), special machining on the shaft.


Model No.
Standard Resistance Values
10 (O) ~ 5k (O)
Total Resistance Tolerance Standard Class
±5% (J)
Total Resistance Tolerance Precision Class
±3% (H)
Power Rating
0.3W - W
Within 100 O E.N.R.
Electrical Stroke
15±0.5mm to 100±0.5mm
Insulation Resistance
Over 100M O at 1,000V.D.C.
Dielectric Strength
1 minute at 1,000 V.A.C.
Within 0.6N to 1N
Stopper Strength
Approx. 90N (9kgf)
Resistance Temperature Coefficient
±20 p.p.m./ºC
Approx. 60g - 140g
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