FieldSens Fiber Optic Amplifiers

Multi-channel (up to 16 channels), multi-purpose signal conditioner to be used with WLPI sensors in field applications

About the FieldSens Fiber Optic Amplifiers

The FieldSens is a multi-channel, multi-purpose signal conditioner to be used with any of the interferometric fiber optic sensors, i.e. the WLPI fiber optic sensors, for temperature, pressure, strain, and displacement measurements.

At the heart of the FieldSens is the White Light Polarization Interferometry (WLPI) technology which provides a means for making accurate and absolute measurements of the path length difference of any type of interferometric fiber optic sensors.

The FieldSens is offered in a tabletop version or a wall mounted version and comes standard with LCD screen display, RS-232 and RS-485 serial interface outputs. It provides sequential readings up to 16 measurement channels with a ±0.01% full scale precision.

Features FieldSens

  • Up to 16 measurement channels
  • High linearity and precision
  • RS-232 and RS-485 serial output
  • Tabletop and wall mount versions
  • LCD screen display

Applications for FieldSens

  • Multi-point long-term monitoring
  • In-situ process monitoring
  • Civil engineering and geotechnical applications
  • High voltage environments
  • EMI, RFI and microwave environments
  • Nuclear and hazardous environments


Number of channels
4 to 16
Sampling rate
Output - Interface
Display AO: +/-5V, 4-20mA, Memory Relays, RS-232, RS-485
Industrial, Civil engineering
Sensor Compatibility
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