CoreSens Fiber Optic Amplifiers

For demanding applications requiring synchronised high speed measurement

About the CoreSens Fiber Optic Amplifiers

The CoreSens signal conditioner offers high-speed measurements with deterministic synchronization over a large number of measurement channels. With its EtherCAT interface, mulitple CoreSense units can be grouped in signel system offering upt o 1300 measurement channels.

The CoreSens unit is build around dual-channel fiber optic measurement modules which are mounted in a rackmount chassis. The CoreSens supports two diferent dual channel modules: WLPI-technology based for accurate and reliable measurements of parameters such as temperature, strain, pressure and displacement or SCBG technology based for measuring fast temperature variations. Both type of modules can be mixed in a single chassis and each module has two fiber optic measurement channels each running at a sampling rate up to 1000Hz and comes with two analog outputs.

Features CoreSens

  • Scalable system with dual channel fiber optic measurement modules
  • Available in multi-module rackmount chassis or single-module stand-alone unit
  • Supports both WLPI and SCBG-based technologies
  • EtherCAT and Ethernet interfaces
  • Embedded web server application for easy system configuration and control
  • Internal data logging and storage
  • Bluetooth remove communication (optional)

Applications for CoreSens

  • Civil engineering: monitoring civil and geotechnical infrastructures (bridges, dams, tunnels, mines, building)
  • Military and aerospace: testing, monitoring of aircraft components
  • Industrial: automation and process control
  • Energy: wind farm, nuclear environment, turbine instrumentation, high voltage areas
  • Oil and gas: offshore platform, refining and storage applications
  • Simultaneous and synchronised high-spead measurement of: temperatuer, pressure, strain and displacement



Number of channels
Rackable chassis: 2 to 26 channels per chassis, up to 1300 channels in multi-chassis configuration
Stand-alone: 2 channels
Sampling rate
Up to 500Hz/1000Hz
Communication interfaces
Rackable chassis: EtherCAT and Ethernet Interface 10/100 Base-T
Stand-alone: Ethernet interface 10/100 Base-T
Analog outputs
0-5V, ±5V, 0-10 V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Ambient operating temperature
0°C to 45°C
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