FN9620 S-beam Force Sensor

IP68-1m water column

About the FN9620 S-beam Force Sensor

The FN9620 is a S-Beam load cell with ranges from 500N to 10kN, designed to operate in hostile environments from -40 to 90°C with IP68 ingress protection.

It provides high stiffness for high cycle use, low off-axis load sensitivity and high level of accuracy. To ease its use for Process Control Automation equipment, the sensor’s sensitivity (in mV/V) is calibrated with 2% tolerance.

Features FN9620

  • High tensile strength Stainless Steel
  • Metric or imperial thread
  • Surcharge sans destruction 300%
  • Safe over load 300%
  • 3 meters integral cable
  • IP68-1m water column
  • Integral shielded cable

Applications for FN9620

  • Structure Testing
  • Test benches
  • Process control & automation
  • Mechanical resistance of materials
  • Laboratory and research


500N - 10kN
0.5% FS
Output signal
±1 mV/V, ±2 mV/V
Load direction
Tension, compression
Temperature operating range
-40 to 90°C
Stainless steel
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