2D Laser Scanners

The 2D laser scanners are high resolution, high speed and accurate non-contact measuring sensors for position and displacement measurement.

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Learn more about our Laser Sensors and 2D Laser Scanners

Learn more about the advantages and suitable applications for laser sensors and 2D laser scanners. This video features the sensors FDRF627 series 2D Laser Scanner and FDRF602 Laser Triangulation Sensor, giving an impression about software and measurement results.

Laser Sensors and 2D Laser Scanners are suited for contactless measurement of displacement, distance, positions, and profiles. They offer quick, high-resolution measurements with great precision for optical distance measurements and surface analysis. They operate contact-free and are suitable for industrial and automation applications. Also for challenging environments. Each laser sensor, scanner or system has its special features, advantages, and limitations. We’d be happy to help you choose.

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