DS High-Precision Pressure Sensor

Digital/analog output pressure sensor

About the DS High-Precision Pressure Sensor

The Model DS offers the “smart” combination of microprocessor-based, internal signal conditioning and micromachined silicon pressure sensor technology to provide digital communications directly to your PC with superior accuracy and stability. With <1 ms step response on the analog output and >300 readings/second on the digital output, the Model DS provides the speed required for dynamic automotive or aerospace applications. With an all-welded stainless steel construction, the Model DS is suit-able for rugged environments and pressure media compatible with stainless steel.


Key features DS

  • 0.1 % total error band (includes temperature)
  • 1200 Hz analog response
  • Gage and absolute designs available
  • All-welded stainless steel construction
  • Selectable RS-232 or RS-485
  • 380 readings/second digital output


Measurement Range
0 - 0.35 bar to 0 - 170 bar (0 - 5 psi to 0 - 2500 psi)
RS - 485 or RS - 232 [15 - 28VDC], 0 - 5 V [15 - 28 VDC]
Pressure Type
gauge, absolute
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to 82 °C [-40 °F to 180 °F]
Compensated Temperature
4 °C to 60 °C [40 °F to 140 °F]
Media Compatibility
Gas and liquid compatible with 316L SS and Hastelloy C-276
Electrical Termination
Bendix PT02-12-8P or equivalent mates with PT06A-12-8S
Mating Connector
Overload, Burst
400 % over capacity
Wetted Parts Material
Ha C276/316 Stainless Steel
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